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Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan Analysis

Our compensation plan was design with the affiliate’s welfare at heart. It is a revolutionary plan derived from the fusion of the best of matrix and unilevel plans. It is made of six stage 2x3 matrices with a powerful 2x2 starter systems. Our system paysInstant on all earning activities and comes with an integrated accounting system that reveals all transactions in member’s dashboard on real-time.

Some of the powerful features of our hybrid plan include;

  • Spill Over
  • Spill Under
  • Placement
  • Follow your Leader

The Starter System:-

Every affiliate member is required to inspire TWO other persons to purchase our entrepreneurship product to become a STARTER. As a starter, you will have access to over $1,000 worth of capacity building/entrepreneurship tutorial in e-book formats. The starter is a 2x2 forced matrix system.

Leadership stages:-

The Journey of a true Propreneurs affiliates begins from the Trainee and ends at the Executive tycoon stage. Once the Executive tycoon stage is achieved, he revolves on this stage continuously and repeatedly for life.

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