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1. Entrepreneurship Development Trainings

We seek to inspire and empower you. The entrepreneurship development trainings are designed to ultimately strengthen, improve and effectively facilitate practical entrepreneurial knowledge and skills gain of young people, women and professionals who create and manage their own businesses. We provide customized and downloadable training courses on Entrepreneurship in our member’s area. These are simplified teaching materials on entrepreneurial skills from basic to advance level. We also organize live practical workshops and seminars on entrepreneurship development.

2. Healthcare Delivery services

Without health, wealth is meaningless. You need a healthy body to support your entrepreneurial drive. Many sacrifice their health in pursuit of wealth and at the end squander the acquired wealth in pursuit of health. This ought not to be so! We want you to be healthy and wealthy and you can. Through the Propreneurs network of over 400 hospitals in Nigeria and many more to come across the African continent, we provide topnotch Zero cost healthcare delivery services to all our affiliate members. The health care service include

  • Eye care, dental care
  • Wellness-check-ups
  • Primary outpatient care
  • Impatient care
  • Radiological services
  • Accident and emergencies
  • Maternity services
  • Child care and pediatric services
  • Surgeries( minor)
  • HIV/AIDS management

3. Personal Development Training

The Propreneurs personal development trainings/courses will help you get the best from yourself and others.Here, you will learn and understand the art of goal-setting andeffective communication. You will learn how to Work out your priorities, write your plans, and be a better manager of your time. In all, you will learn how to handle difficult people and conflict situations with more confidence. Emotional intelligence training is not left out. In this journey, you will learn how to manage your emotion, inspire others and create a positive atmosphere around you. On our platform, you will learn from both local and international brands in the personal development industry.

4. Vocational and Skill Acquisition Program

The best way to empower the women and youths of Africa is to give them practical skills. Skills that can transform them into productive forces of the economy. Vocational training and well-structured skill acquisition programs and a good support system is the panacea of unemployment and other social vices in Africa and the world at large. We offer practical vocational and skill acquisition training on a very wide interest fields such as paint , perfume and soap production, website design and hosting, graphics design, agro-businesses such as Poultry, fishery, crop farming etc. In compliance with our vision, Propreneurs limited will be hosting a free national skill acquisition and vocational training quarterly in Nigeria and other countries of the world where we are fully registered to operate

5. Propreneurs Affiliate Program.

Through our dynamic affiliate network, we are building an army of youths and women who have embraced and celebrate the entrepreneurship spirit wholeheartedly. This people are willing to spend their time, money and other resources to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and philosophy across the length and breadth of the world and are heavily compensated with our revolutionary compensation plan. Our affiliate program has an inbuilt, unconventional, street-smart educational system that helps people master the art of communication, leadership, goal-setting and personal productivity and other life and business skills. Affiliates are rewarded with cash earnings in the form of direct commission bonuses, matching bonuses, Leadership bonuses, shopping vouchers, international trips, housing and car funds etc. Check out the juicy compensation plan for the committed affiliates.